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Nearly 150,000 Purchase Renewable Energy in NW November 19, 2008

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A new report from Renewable Northwest Project (RNP)shows a 23.5% increase in the voluntary programs for utility customers to purchase “green power.” Rachel Shimshak, the Director of RNP, says the increase is equivalent to the output of a large 450 megawatt wind farm or enough energy to run more than 100,000 homes for an entire year. Powerful Choices VIII reports 39 Northwest utilities, urban and rural, offer customers the opportunity to buy wind power, solar power, landfill gas power, or low-impact hydro-power. Shimshak says it is easy to participate just ask your provider if they offer a “green power” program. She says RNP encourages utilities to buy green energy for all of their customers but the volunteer programs give people a chance to go 100% green. The RNP report looked at utilities in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.



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