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Weed, CA OK’s Co-Generation Power Plant November 19, 2008

Co-Gen facilities are popping up everywhere as timber companies have began to embrace the green technology, and the economic savings. These plants burn the bark from trees, which is very abundant waste product at mills. This turns a turbine, thus producing energy. The emissions from the burning process, mostly steam in these facilities, then powers a second turbine. This effectively generates twice the energy compared to older wood burning plants. It also generates a whole lot less pollution, because of carbon sequestration technologies.  All this from a renewable resource that was all but a throw-away waste product just a few years ago.

Best of all, in almost all cases these plants can pay for themselves in just a few years. When you spend  $700,000 a month powering your dry kiln, a $18 million investment in a co-gen facility that can do the same job just makes good business sense.

Here is the LInk


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