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Algae could be next hot biofuel December 8, 2008

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The Boeing Co. and other aerospace companies and airlines are betting algae, a simple organism that comes in hundreds of strains that can be genetically modified, will prove a green fuel to power jet planes. It also could be blended into diesel and gasoline and, perhaps one day, it could actually replace petroleum-based diesel and gasoline.

As the infant industry organizes, algae needs to make its case for the same tax breaks, market incentives, loans and research and development backing that other biofuel sectors already have. Though corn and soybean growers have long lobbied in Washington, D.C., the Algal Biomass Organization is a new kid on the block.

On Monday, Dec. 8, the organization will meet in the nation’s capital to discuss how to convince Congress and the incoming administration that algae is much more than the film on the inside of your fish tank or the scum blooming in the neighborhood pond.


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