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Intel finishes $800K solar array in Hillsboro, OR December 12, 2008

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Intel has installed an $800,000 solar electricity system at its Jones Farm campus in Hillsboro and plans to turn it on Monday, the first step in what the company says could be an “aggressive” plan to employ solar energy.

The company said it is also finishing a solar project to power data centers in New Mexico, and earlier this year built a solar thermal hot water project in India.

Once certified by Portland General Electric, the solar array will generate 100 kilowatts of electricity for Intel’s Jones Farm campus. PGE’s Steve Corson said that’s roughly the equivalent of the energy used by 10 homes. Though not close to the biggest solar projects in Oregon, he said it’s still among the top 10 percent of solar arrays in PGE’s territory.

This project is apparently separate from Intel’s SpectraWatt spinoff at Intel’s West Union campus in Hillsboro. Here’s more on Intel’s solar activities.


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