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Bonneville County, ID drags feet again on Residential Windmills December 17, 2008

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Many hopefuls came to the courthouse tonight expecting to get a final approval for windmills. But instead, another meeting, the same old story, and still no progress.

“We have potential customers that want windmills that can’t get them installed in Bonneville County and so when they call we say, well you live in Bonneville County, call your commissioners because we don’t have any say over that,” says Lorin Croft of LC Insulations.

Since April, homeowners and windmill contractors have been back and forth, fighting for an ordinance to build residential windmills. Tonight, should’ve been the last step toward a final approval, but that didn’t happen.

“This has gone on all year now so it’s just ridiculous that they’re not passing it. I don’t know what their hold up is. Their the only county in the area that’s not letting us put them up,” says Trever Gerdes of Mountain View Wind and Power.

“I think the most frustrating part is that it has taken so long,” says Julie Blumhorst, a resident of Bonneville County.

“If they would just make an ordinance instead of having meeting after meeting after meeting. It’s pretty frustrating.” says Croft.

“I think they’ve really only been pushing it series only about a month ago when we actually got a rough draft of the ordinance wrote up,” says Gerdes.

These wind turbines are costly to install, but after they’re paid off they not only save you energy and a tax write off, but they actually put back money back into your account.

“There’s a big need. I think people are looking at not only green, but a way to save some money on their energy bill and we have an incredible energy source that we can use,” says Julie

“I have an older gentleman and actually his windmill spins backwards, so he’s pretty excited,” says Croft.

So another month, another meeting and they hope this time for an approval.

“There’s a lot of customers who are really wanting to push these in either now or in the spring and they’re just going to have to keep on the commissioners. If everyone keeps on them I think we can get them passed,” says Gerdes.

Next month the county commissioners will have another meeting and one that many hope will have a final ordinance passed for residential windmills.


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