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Update on Gresham, OR recruitment of solar manufacturers December 17, 2008

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Among other things, the city has recognized it must maintain its own green credentials if it is to bring in businesses that are sensitive to the environment. That’s why Gresham is doing such things as installing a plug-in station for electric cars at City Hall, signing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement and using green contractors for the demolition of the old Rockwood Fred Meyer building.

Some citizens may view such efforts as frivolities or symbolic acts, but the companies considering Gresham for solar-component plants don’t see it that way. They desire to do business in communities that share their environmental values.

While Gresham is advancing sustainable causes internally, it also is reaching out to market the LSI site to the world. Mayor Shane Bemis and members of the city’s economic development team deserve credit for the job they have done in that regard. The state of Oregon also has assisted with its incentives for solar companies, and it has helped specifically to market the LSI property.


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