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Wind energy expected to continue strong gains December 29, 2008

Filed under: Wind — nwrenewablenews @ 1:59 pm

The American Wind Energy Association is predicting that 2009 will be a year of progress for renewable energy, despite current economic conditions.

The organization is particularly optimistic for the near future based on the growth of the wind industry in recent years along with the incoming Obama administration’s planned emphasis on green technology.

Among some of the trends to watch for in 2009 are a new emphasis on upgrading transmission lines to handle more renewable power generated in rural areas, as well as more community wind projects and, possibly, better tax incentives for people who install smaller wind systems.

The organization also noted that wind energy is as mainstream as any other power source now, having been responsible for 35 percent of all new power generation in 2007 and with a strong likelihood of matching that figure again in 2008.

Looking ahead though, it also remains to be seen if the current economic conditions will have a noticeable effect on the growth of wind energy. Investments in renewable energy projects, as well as fossil fuels, have been strained in recent months as credit lines dry up for smaller energy companies involved in exploration and other projects.


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