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Survey: Oil executives expect considerable renewable growth January 13, 2009

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A recent survey finds that many oil executives are expecting to see considerable growth in renewable energy in the coming years.

This week, the Associated Press cited a survey of 100 top U.S. oil and gas chief financial officers who, for the most part, expect renewable to continue gaining market share – with more than 20 percent of them saying that market share will grow by at least 13 percent in that time period.

In other findings, only 37 percent of the executives said in the survey for BDO Seidman LLP that “self regulation” is an acceptable way to limit greenhouse gas emissions, while most of the rest did tend to favor state over federal regulation.

The AP quoted Charles Dewhurst of BDO Seidman as calling the results “surprising,” since just a few years back, oil and gas executives were far more likely to support self-regulation on the pollution issue. Executives in the survey were actually far more divided on the longer-term prospects for the oil industry and the possibility that world production is on the verge of permanently declining.

Meanwhile, clean energy is making an impact among homeowners as well as executives. A wide variety of home improvements, heating systems and renewable energy technologies are currently on the market to help you save money and cut the nation’s fossil fuel dependence in the process.


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