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Update: Flathead Co. landfill power project on track January 16, 2009

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One man’s garbage is another man’s energy, at least in the case of the Flathead County Landfill. A project to use landfill power as an alternative energy is on schedule in the Flathead.

Methane gas from rotting garbage will be gathered in wells, piped to a generator, and used to produce power. Currently the gas is just being burned off in an enclosed ground flare.

The landfill power project should be in full operations in April.

The snow slowed work, but construction is speeding up again with the warmer weather. Next week new wells will be drilled and the generator will be installed.

This project is one of the first in Montana where methane gas from a landfill is being used to produce power.

“I think it’s a major breakthrough to use the gas and the resource, instead of flaring it off into the atmosphere, it’s going produce power for around 900 houses, putting the power and using it locally, so I think it’s going to be a win win for everybody,” said Operations Manager, Jim Chilton.

The gas energy project is a partnership between the Flathead County Landfill and Flathead Electric Co-op.


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