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Republican Lawmakers stall poop power bill in Idaho February 12, 2009

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A plan to promote businesses that turn Magic Valley cow manure to power caused a stink in a House committee Thursday, with lawmakers voicing skepticism after a first whiff of incentives like not requiring private businesses to pay any property taxes.

The Revenue and Taxation Committee including Chairman Dennis Lake, a Blackfoot Republican, agreed to hear Office of Energy Resources chief Paul Kjellander explain the bill at an upcoming hearing.

But Lake said he fears “there may be some things in here that this committee can’t live with.”

Rep. Jim Clark, a Hayden Republican, criticized provisions seeking to give Idaho’s utility regulator broad new authority in setting up renewable energy zones, which in addition to the dairy hub near Twin Falls would include other regions, too, according to the proposal.

Kjellander pledged to return with explanations – and possible changes.

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