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Stimulus bill set to boost energy efficiency February 12, 2009

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Americans will soon have more reasons than ever to invest in home energy efficiency, with help from the $790 billion economic stimulus bill that could pass as soon as this week.

Earlier in the week, the House and Senate announced a deal on their differing stimulus packages, setting the stage for a final vote and presidential approval. The bill has been long-awaited by renewable energy advocates and others because of its focus on green jobs as part of the broader economic stimulus effort.

A fact sheet from House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office lays out some of the provisions that are expected to be signed into law shortly.

According to Pelosi’s office, the bill provides $30 billion for an updated power grid and energy efficiency measures and $20 billion in renewable energy tax incentives over the next 10 years. The bill also boosts energy efficiency by providing $6.3 billion for upgrades to federal housing and $5 billion to weatherize a million modest-income homes.

One provision that may be of particular interest to homeowners is an expanded tax credit through 2010 covering new furnaces, energy efficient windows and doors, and insulation. There is also a $7,500 tax credit for hybrid cars, various clean energy investment incentives, among other items.

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