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Sea-Tac Airport plans to reduce emissions by 15% February 27, 2009

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The Port of Seattle is reportedly taking action to reduce its emissions at the Sea-Tac Airport by 15 percent in the coming years.

A report this week in the Seattle Post Intelligencer describes the plan, which will apply only to a small percentage of the total emissions from the airport. Sea-Tac reportedly produces 4.7 million tons of carbon emissions each year.

The strategy reportedly focuses on improving energy efficiency at the airport and on cutting fuel costs and emissions for airlines at Sea-Tac. Other items noted include plans to fuel jets from a tank farm rather than trucks, and to use more centralized pre-conditioned air that doesn’t require auxiliary power units.

The newspaper also added that the airport itself is taking some small steps towards using more renewable energy, with ten one-kilowatt wind turbines in the works along with plans for solar panels.

This is just one of the countless efforts underway across the Pacific Northwest to help the environment and to save money by promoting energy efficiency and renewable power. A growing number of consumers are also getting involved by investing in eco-friendly home improvements and other products.

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