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Wash. Senate approves scaleback of renewable energy targets March 11, 2009

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Washington’s largest utilities may get some breathing room in meeting new green-energy targets under a bill that passed the Senate Tuesday night.

The bill would ease Initiative 937, which requires large utilities to supply 15 percent of its electricity through renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power by 2020.

The Senate bill, which passed on a 27-21, now heads to the House, where it faces likely opposition.

The bill allows utilities to count conservation efforts and some existing energy sources toward the targets. But it changes some of the goals: upping the percentage of renewable energy to 16 percent by 2020, and adding a new 2014 target of 4 percent and a 2025 target of 20 percent.

The Associated Press


2 Responses to “Wash. Senate approves scaleback of renewable energy targets”

  1. Dunton Says:

    Thanks for the article it is timely! The real issue is still supply and demand, if we can get companies and the government to give companies more incentive to enter the Clean Technology space so that they can increase the supply of things such as PV Cells, Wind Turbines etc. that will drive down the cost and make it a more affordable solution to our energy crisis. This in turn will also create more Clean T echnology Jobs to help grow our economy. So I would say there is not better investment government and corporate America could make right now. Thanks again!

  2. This is quite a hot info. I think I’ll share it on Digg.

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