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Geothermal and Dam Removal part of new stimulus for Ore. March 12, 2009

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President Barack Obama has signed a $410 billion spending package that will keep the federal government operating through September.

The bill includes thousands of earmarks, which are spending items inserted by individual lawmakers. President Obama has criticized the earmarks, but he said he signed the bill to keep federal agencies from closing down.

Those “earmarks” include $250 million for Oregon projects.

Among them are:

$1.5 million for the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls for a geothermal power plant on campus.

$3 million to assist with the removal of the Savage Rapids Dam on the Rogue River. –


2 Responses to “Geothermal and Dam Removal part of new stimulus for Ore.”

  1. Maggie Says:

    How do you feel about that. Are you for geothermal? If so what makes you like it?

  2. nwrenewablenews Says:

    Yes, I’m for geothermal. It is a clean, renewable resource and it is very cost effective on medium/large scale projects.

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