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Landfill to provide clean energy to Seattle area April 9, 2009

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Methane from a Seattle-area landfill will soon be used to provide clean natural gas power for area residents.

This week, Puget Sound Energy and Bio Energy-Washington announced a plan to power 24,000 nearby homes with methane gas from the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill.

“We are reducing carbon dioxide emissions roughly equal to taking 22,000 average passenger cars off the road each year, and we’re creating a valuable commodity from what was previously considered a useless byproduct,” King County executive Ron Sims said in a statement.

According to PSE, the power output from the landfill project will be equivalent to a 35 megawatt natural gas plant, and the third-largest facility of its kind in the nation. The methane will be transported to PSE-owned natural gas plants, reducing the landfill’s carbon footprint by nearly two-thirds in the process. The company also indicated that the landfill gas is actually cleaner than that from conventional wells because of the processing steps involved.

While there are over 100 of these landfill energy projects nationwide, this isn’t the only non-traditional energy source gaining traction. Dane County in Wisconsin recently issued an RFP for manure-digesters that will help the local dairy industry by generating natural gas and keeping manure-related pollutants out of area lakes.

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