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Mont. Gov. signs bill monopolizing renewable development April 17, 2009

Gov. Brian Schweitzer on Thursday signed a bill allowing NorthWestern Energy or other utilities to own a so-called “community renewable energy project.”

House Bill 343, sponsored by Rep. Art Noonan, D-Butte, essentially allows NorthWestern Energy to pursue its own green-energy project to meet state quotas for green-energy sales.

The law says NorthWestern must purchase a minimum amount of green power from community projects by 2012.

Prior law also said community projects must be independently and locally owned, and be no larger than 5 megawatts. It intended to encourage development of small, independent projects across the state, such as small wind farms.

With HB343 becoming law, NorthWestern or other utilities can own a community project, rather than having to buy power from an independent source. The 2009 Legislature also redefined community projects as anything up to 25 megawatts in size.


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