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Oregon House Approves Vechicle Energy Efficiency Bill May 10, 2009

The measure would order new rules on how long big rigs can idle in truck stops or ships can idle in port.

But the centerpiece of the legislation is a section that requires a 10 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicle fuel.

Supporters like Democratic Representative Ben Cannon say that would encourage more use of locally-produced renewable fuels.

Rep. Ben Cannon:  “A low carbon fuel standard along with the other provisions of this bill will take important next steps in the direction of energy independence, green jobs, and prosperity in a carbon-constrained future.”

Opponents ridiculed the bill as a bureaucratic boondoggle that will end up costing businesses and consumers more in the long run.

The action came on the same day that Oregon lawmakers eased up on another bio-fuel mandate.

The House voted to make ethanol optional for premium-grade gasoline.  Both bills now head to the Senate.

Online:Oregon House Bill 2186

Oregon’s carbon footprint would shrink under a bill narrowly approved Friday by the Oregon House. The measure would affect everything from the fuel you buy to the tires you drive on.  Salem correspondent Chris Lehman reports.



One Response to “Oregon House Approves Vechicle Energy Efficiency Bill”

  1. stopethanol Says:

    “The House voted to make ethanol optional for premium-grade gasoline.”

    It may make it optional, but that means nothing will change. Oregon has a law, SB-1079, that allows a gas station or distributor to sell ethanol free gasoline to certain types of applications, like aircraft, watercraft, antique and classic cars, etc. just like in every mandatory E10 state. The only thing HB-3177 will do will allow the ethanol free premium to be sold to anybody driving into the service station, it removes the restrictions. As usual the bill is permissive, it just says the retailer “may” sell ethanol free premium. But there are reasons that nobody new will that isn’t already selling ethanol free gas under SB-1079. When selling ethanol free premium, the seller cannot affect the 10% ethanol mandate on mid-grade gasoline. Since most modern service stations only have a tank for regular gasoline and a tank for premium gasoline, mid-grade is mixed by a blender pump. Less than 10% of the service stations in Oregon have a separate tank for mid-grade gasoline and they are older stations. No branded station would be allowed to sell E10 regular, E10 mid-grade and ethanol free premium if it did have three tanks. It would have to have four tanks so that all grades of E10 could be sold plus the ethanol free premium. So you see, nothing will change. Those stations in Oregon today that sell ethanol free premium will be able to take the restrictive sticker off of their pumps. That is all that will change. I can fill my humongous RV with ethanol free premium if this bill passes … and if I can find a station that has that extra tank and pump, not likely.

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