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NW fuel crop could cut jet fuel emissions by 84% May 11, 2009

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A new study at Michigan Tech may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions with a crop that grows in Montana.

According to the study, greenhouse gas emissions from jet fuel could be cut by as much as 84 percent. The research was done by the Sustainable Futures Institute at Michigan Tech using the oil seed crop camelina, which is well-suited for the state of Montana.

“Again, according to our camelina, experts, there are large tracks of land in Montana that are currently used for wheat products in which camelina can be integrated as a rotation crop,” said Professor David Shonnard who conducted the study.

According to, Web site about sustainable oils, camelina sativa is a member of the mustard family, a distant relative to canola, and the new darling of biodiesel production. Camelina plants are heavily branched, growing from one to three feet tall producing seed pods containing many small, oily seeds. It’s proof that good things really do come in small packages.

Shonnard continued to say that this study will be ongoing for several years as they continue to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.



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