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BPA Putting Up Meters To Measure The Wind August 19, 2009

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The Bonneville Power Administration wants to make better use of wind and water-energy sources. Starting Wednesday, the BPA is installing windmeters — called anemometers — to help do that. Barbara Leidl reports.

The anemometers look like little torpedoes with a tail-fan. They pick up the direction and speed of wind.

BPA spokesperson Katie Pruder says that by installing 14 of the meters in strategic locations, it will be easier to predict when wind energy is available. That in turn will make more efficient use of the hydro back up system.

Katie Pruder: “Accurate forecasting means you have to hold less water behind the dams in reserve to back up wind power, and that’s water that can be used to help meet the growing demands of electricity, that’s water that can be used to help enhance fish runs.”

The BPA has invested $200,000 in the new technology.  The system will be fully operational by September of next year.



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