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Great Falls, Mont. Grocer home for first in town large wind turbine September 19, 2009

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The next time you drive by 2J’s Fresh Market in Great Falls, you might notice something a little different, as the popular grocery store will soon sport a wind turbine on the property.

Scott Palmer of Wind Power Of Montana said, “This is the first one in the city limits, and as far as I know, it’s the first one in the metropolitan area throughout the US.”

Construction for a wind turbine began in 2J’s Fresh Market earlier this week, which building owner Pat Goodover says fits perfectly with the store’s mission. Goodover noted, “2J’s the store is a rather ‘green’ type of store. They have a lot of environmentally-friendly products. It only makes sense to have this facility be as green as possible.”

And the turbine isn’t just about going green, but also saving green. With an average power bill running around $6,000, Palmer says it won’t take long for the $90,000 project to pay for itself.

“With the tax credits right now from the federal and state, and when people are paying for their utilities, yes. The average home owner can expect a payback within five years. Now in Pat’s case, it’s going to be less because his bills are atrocious,” said Palmer.

Palmer says the structure is extremely reliable, and it’s not something you’ll have to worry about replacing anytime soon.

The turbine has the power to withstand hurricane-like conditions, and has a life span of 30 years. And despite accomplishing so much, the process is less complicated than you’d think.

Palmer explained, “It will produce power in the head, and it will transfer to adverters. It comes out in DC power, and we change it into AC power. Then from AC power, we go right into a main connect, and then we got into the back side of Pat’s meter feeding to the building.”

Palmer says the turbines are a great benefit to our society, especially with a constant increase in utility costs. “Power rates aren’t going to go down, and turbines are our natural resource,” he noted.

The turbine should be up and running in approximately 28 days, and 2J’s will start getting power two days later.

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