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PSE solar project to be completed in Wash. October 18, 2009

The 500 kilowatt solar-power system on Whisky Dick Mountain is scheduled to be completed in two to three weeks.

Contractors began Monday to install the final array of solar power panels near Puget Sound Energy’s Renewable Energy Center at the 3,500-foot level.

The array, when completed, will have the capacity to generate 50 kilowatts of electricity and be close to the center for visitor viewing. It includes 315 panels.

The first phase of the solar-power system, 2,408 photovoltaic panels, was completed in October 2007 near the 3,873-foot summit of Whisky Dick Mountain. That array has the capacity to generate 450 kilowatts.

The solar power component of the Wild Horse facility was earlier estimated to cost more than $4 million.

As for the Renewable Energy Center, now in its second year, it has attracted more than 19,300 visitors since April 1 and more than 235 groups.

The visitor and interpretive center closes Nov. 30.

By MIKE JOHNSTON. Daily Record –


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