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State-Of-The-Art HVAC system is college lab for OIT October 23, 2009

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The city of Beaverton and Oregon Institute of Technology have joined forces to develop an educational program that promotes a better understanding of energy management systems.

Students in OIT’s fall heating, ventilation and air conditioning class will utilize the Beaverton Central Plant at The Round as a working laboratory to study energy management equipment, systems and operations.

“The new partnership with OIT is a tremendous opportunity for the city of Beaverton to promote an understanding of innovative energy use and help educate tomorrow’s workforce,” said Beaverton Mayor Dennis Doyle. “Our team looks forward to working with OIT.”

The institute is also looking forward to the partnership.

“This is a unique opportunity for the university to access a state-of-the-art, energy management system that the city has invested in and use this as an ideal educational platform,” said Thomas J. White, assistant professor of renewable energy engineering at OIT. “It’s essential we continue to grow our understanding of how we manage our use of energy and I expect learning in real-world environments will be an area that we will continue to expand within the university.”

The first class for OIT energy management, which is required for a bachelor’s degree in renewable energy engineering, began this month and runs through December.

This Beaverton lab will provide an opportunity for on-site data collection to evaluate the performance of key pieces of heating and cooling equipment, including the boilers, chillers, cooling towers, pumps, heat exchangers, and the hydronic fan coil systems.

The Beaverton Central Plant is a district energy system providing space conditioning to The Round, a mixed-use development in downtown Beaverton.

The plant delivers energy efficient heating and cooling to the multiple buildings at The Round. In addition to heating and cooling services, the plant also provides domestic hot water to both residential and retail spaces and equipment cooling for dedicated computer and server rooms or similar, critical cooling needs.

The Beaverton Valley Times


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