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Douglas Co. close to methane plant deal at landfill December 11, 2009

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Douglas County commissioners say they may be close to a final agreement with the company that wants to produce electricity from the methane gas at the landfill.

Douglas County has been dealing with a company called Ameresco, that wants to build a generating plant at the county landfill on McLain Avenue to generate electricity.

The company hesitated when the county was considering trucking solid waste to another site to prolong the life of the landfill.

Ameresco was concerned that they would invest a huge amount and the landfill might not continue to have enough gas to make their investment pay off.

After weeks of negotiations, County Commissioner Doug Robertson said that they appear to be close to a settlement. “It appears that we’re headed for a successful conclusion. Everybody’s been busy, everybody’s been running around, including Ameresco, but they’ve been responsive to our requests and we’ve been likewise, we’ve been working with them. So, hopefully we can wrap this thing up,” said Robertson.

Ameresco says it’s a no-risk deal for the county, and they will get a share of the revenue produced from the power generation.

They say the more the company produces the more the county will receive.

Meanwhile, the county is still concerned about how to keep the landfill open as long as possible so they don’t have to build a new one, which they say would cost a tremendous amount of money under today’s environmental guidelines.

Dan Bain KPIC News (TV)


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