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Bioenergy company to build plant in Shelton February 4, 2010

A Maryland-based company bioenergy company has plans to build in Shelton a $250 million plant that converts wood waste from logging into energy.

Gov. Chris Gregoire, ADAGE company officials and others are scheduled to announce details of the project Thursday afternoon at the Port of Olympia.

The biomass power plant is expected to support 275 direct and indirect jobs per year, generate enough renewable energy to power 40,000 homes and pump some $70 million annually into the local economy.

The plant will use green technology to ensure lower greenhouse gas emissions and water use than a traditional power plant, according to advance information about Thursday’s announcement.

John Dodge, The Olympian


One Response to “Bioenergy company to build plant in Shelton”

  1. Lori Says:

    Sure, they say they’ll have lower emissions, but they’ll still have emissions that are too high and we in Shelton will have to endure the environmental health hazzards of air and water pollution. I haven’t seen an EIS issued for this project. Where is it? Why hasn’t it been demanded? Shame on anyone who lets this happen just for the sake of jobs and to hell with our health!

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